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Empire is a festival fantasy LARP system run in the UK which includes four annual centrally organised events between April and September as well as a number of approved or 'sanctioned' events run by sub-groups such as nations or independent groups within the community. Mainline events are held at Dadford Road Campsite, Buckinghamshire. Empire is owned by Profound Decisions Ltd.


Empire was launched in 2013 as the successor to Profound Decision's previous festival fantasy system Maelstrom.

Game Structure

For each day of the festival, the game runs between 10am and 1am. Empire, like many festival systems, breaks down IC participation space into distinct 'open town' and 'battlefield' in-character areas. Distinct spaces within the 'open town' area are designated to each Nation, and to specific IC organisations. Players are required to sign up to a distinct Nation group when purchasing a ticket for the game. Within nations, players are free to set up their own smaller groups or character unit to collaborate and enhance their game experience. 'Battlefield' areas are set apart for the resolution of campaign conflicts through player-versus-player (PvP) or player-versus-monster (PvM) combat. Games are refereed by costumed 'civil servants'.

Youth Participation

Empire has combat participation opportunities for children over the age of 14 who can demonstrate safe combat skills, and skill-based in-character activities for younger children. Children are encouraged to learn and participate in the game under parental supervision.

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