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Camelot is a conference on larp theory held in the UK. The first conference was organised by members of Avalon LARP Studio (including Simon Brind, John Shockley and Halfdan Keller Justesen). The Facebook description of the event stated; "Camelot is for people who want to talk about UK larp . It is not exclusively for people who have made larps, but is also open to those who are interested in doing it in the future. It will run for one full day - Saturday November 23rd, 2019 - at the Ibis Hotel, Birmingham New Street".

2019 Programme

  • Welcome to Camelot - Simon Brind
  • Creating Permanent LARP Sites - Matt Pennington
  • Safe as Houses: Doing Horror and Torture Well - Sarah Cook
  • Age and LARP Panel discussion - Sarah Cook
  • The Architecture of a Crooked House - Ian Thomas
  • Are the Economics of LARP Broken - Rachel Thomas
  • Theorising UK LARP - Laura Mitchell
  • 500 NPCs: Keeping it Brief - Tom Hancocks
  • Locked in - Hazel Dixon
  • A Ghost of You - Woody J Bevan
  • LARP has a Fae Problem - David Norris
  • Transparency and Collaboration: Letting Players behind the curtain - Joanna Piancastelli