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Welcome to the UK L(A)RP Wiki!

A new site for sharing and collating resources on LRP/LARP/larp events and production, design, theory, concepts and techniques used across the UK. This site was launched in November 2019 - yet much of the site is still under construction. The wiki is partnered with the website at and

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What is LRP, LARP or larping?

Live (action) roleplaying is an activity where you take on a character and act out an improvised narrative in the context of a particular setting or genre. It is both a leisure pursuit in its own right and a collection of techniques which can be used for education and developmental purposes. Connected in various ways to related activities such as tabletop roleplaying games, historical re-enactment, cosplay and immersive theatre, different communities have developed their own styles or features of live roleplaying. Read more and find links to some great articles on the UK larping page.

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If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, please visit the Community Portal where you will find help and info as well as notices.