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Community Portal

Thanks for visiting the community portal! Please note that as the Wiki is newly established in late 2019, anyone signing up to contribute should be aware that there will likely be a lot of incomplete pages and categories. For some of us, developing a wiki is a new learning experience too, so let's try to all be understanding of each other and help each other develop better wiki entry capacities.

What this wiki is about

This wiki is about larping activities which take place in the geographic locations which make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (U.K.) and the activities of organisers, writing teams, companies and systems who are based there or working primarily for or with communities of larpers based there. If you are not based in the UK, you are still welcome to contribute to the wiki, provided the topics on which you are contributing refer to the scope of UK activities outlined above.


This wiki is not the place to write opinion pieces, event reviews, or to advertise your event. It is a resource which features factual accounts and description of activities, events and techniques. If you would like to contribute an opinion piece, essay or event review, why not submit your material to the website ( and

Entry Content

Entries currently fit into one of the following categories (more may follow as the wiki grows):

  • Events & Systems
  • Techniques
  • Concepts
  • Community Events

Entries in each category should aim to include:

  • a page title
  • a brief description of the entry title
  • subheadings for further elaboration or links to sub-categories if relevant
  • the origin or source of the information (if known)
  • the contemporary relevance of the information (e.g if an event or system is still running, if a concept is still in use)
  • links to related wiki content
  • links to external sources


Creating Pages

Creating pages can be done simply once you have logged-in to the wiki by typing into the search box. If there is no existing entry by that name, a red link will be displayed giving you the option to create a new page with the title you entered.

When you click to create a page, you will be directed to a basic WYSIWIG text editor. You can type your entry directly, hit save and the page is created! If you are developing a longer entry, you may wish to do so in sections, or write up the content in a separate word processing file and cut-and-paste your content into the browser window.

The most common formatting you will use are headings, bulleted lists, and links to other wiki content. To create a link to a page that does not exist yet, simply type the title and enclose it in two sets of square brackets.

One of the most useful things to do is also to specify the page category. It's helpful to do this at the bottom of your entry so it doesn't get lost in the text. To specify a category, you only need to type Category:(name) inside double square brackets.

For example: [[Category:Technique]]

Talk Pages

Creating an account

Creation of wiki accounts relies on you registering an email address and your account request must be manually approved. This is due to a previous influx of spammer accounts and works to prevent vandalism of the wiki. If you have tried to create an account and had no response within 48 hours, please use the contact form via our partner website or to get in touch.

Current Projects

The main current projects for the wiki are inputting technique and concept entries.